The ribbons used for barcode printing are of several types. Notable among them are the following:


  • Ribbon Wax is Ribbon containing 100% wax that mainly has a single layer of wax. It has a lower melting point, making it possible to print bar codes using low heat. The result of which is a printed barcode that is resistant to abrasion.
  • Ribbon Wax- Resin is Ribbon mixed with resin and wax that can resist scratching better. This type of ribbon can withstand low temperatures and are ideal for printing barcodes that needs to be moisture and abrasion resistant. This can be used for printing, packaging, frozen food and fresh food.
  • Ribbon Resin. This ribbon are the highest quality type of ribbon. It is designed to withstand heavy abrasion. It also offers high and excellent chemical resistance that can be used with all types of stickers that provides high definition printing. It also has antistatic coating that can help extend the life of the print head.


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