Label for Barcode Printing


Our label for barcode printing has many types. A sticker paper is classified into many types. Typically, what is used is the white sticker with a white side. Some of the most popular types which we have are the following:


  • Vinyl label. Our plastic-type paper is known for its toughness, tear-resistance, waterproof and moisture suitable for industrial applications and are the preferred type for those that need highly durable materials.
  • Direct Thermal label. These type of stickers have a chemical coating that changes color when exposed to heat. This sticker type does not require ink or ribbon to print barcodes. In general, a thermal print head is in place that changes chemically once exposed to a chemical source. When used, the chemically coated thermal paper directly reacts and prints the characters you need. This type of sticker is most suitable for applications that do not require the retention of the text such as stickers, envelope, ATM receipt slip and drug stores.


D-Smart Company Limited is also a manufacturer and distributor of this type of barcode stickers that can accommodate the needs of all business sizes.

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