The Smart Choice For Barcode Printers And Label Printers


Barcode printers and label printers are very important devices for all business types. Today, many types of these printers for barcode printing and label printing exists that can accommodate a wide range of applications in its entirety that can suit different and varying needs. Every company has different needs and purposes for printing barcodes and labels according to the nature of business of each company, especially in industries that use Barcode label printing, receipt printing. The various printing can be by job type, such as "printer sticker" (Sticker Printer) or "Label" (Label Printer). These printed materials can be had using printed stickers printed using text TIS. The results of which are printed with coded operational instructions, serial number or tracking codes in barcode form for goods that is easier to encode and use.


D-Smart Ltd is a leading company for the dealership of Barcode Printers, Printer Stickers (Sticker Printer) and Label Printer (Label. Printer). Each printing devices are a variety of sizes and prices to meet the production needs and demands of small and large businesses, SMEs and corporations. Each printer model is guaranteed to be highly durable that can used in printing your business's needs which can print on all kinds of materials, such as stickers, white on white, semi-semi-matt or other formats and materials acceptable to the printer you would be using.


The barcode and label printing products helps makes businesses and companies achieve control, supervision and monitoring that are more reliable and better specially on their products which will result in increased profits.


Sticker printers (Barcode Printer)

Thermal Tranfer Printer print quality resolution of 203dpi - 300dpi and 600dpi high resolution edition saves time. And costs Type the characters in the date, time, number and barcode, graphic, images, RUNNING, 2D codes. Customizable designs as needed Print speed between 4 "-14" inches / min font standard in all computers and supports Load fonts are added on demand. The printer is suitable for a wide range of formats. Available in widths ranging from 4 "inches to the width 6" and 8 "inches.

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