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Costomer Service

The company has experienced professionals ready to provide advice and counsel. To suit the client’s business both before and after the sale. (Pre and Post Sale Service)


Highlights of the company

Highlights of the company is to service and customer satisfaction is backed by a company to its customers. Idle time that customers bring to repair center and wait for the customer to make sure that your printer is always ready for use


How to use primary

Label printers Barcode Printer

How to put stickers (Label)

   - BTP-X200 << Click here >>

How to put ink to print stickers (Ribbon)

   - BTP-X200 << Click here >>



The printer Thermal Inkjet Printer (Sojet)

Storage Cartridges (Ink)

   - After every use, remove the cartridge from the keyboard lid and store the cartridge to prevent air and wind to dry the ink cartridge waste.

How to upgrade the software version << Click here >>



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